Ameiko Kaijitsu


Caothic Good

Aristocrat 1
Bard 3
Rogue [Rake] 1

Ameiko is the daughter of Sandpoint noble Lonjiku Kaijitsu, and the great-granddaughter of one of the founders of Sandpoint. Despite being born into high station (at least as far as Sandpoint goes), Ameiko has always sought new experiences and left Sandpoint several years ago to seek adventure with the two younger Vhiski brothers, Alder and Sandru.
Ameiko returned to Sandpoint and purchased the run-down Rusty Dragon Inn, fixing it up and turning it into an adventurer-friendly establishment with a policy of free drinks to anyone who can tell a good story. She has a civil relationship with her father, but little more.

Ameiko Kaijitsu

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